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Welcome to Flying Valerie

Take time to make your mind, body and soul happy.
Join me upside down.
Learn why I love flying yoga.

About Flying Valerie

What makes the Flying Valerie studio different?

If you join a class at Flying Valerie, you will be challenged and energised. You’ll rediscover your centre and feel better in your body. Flying Valerie is a boutique studio offering small classes in two different locations, in the cosy towns of Arzier and Begnins. Come enjoy intuitive teaching, personalised attention and hands-on instruction.

While you can always choose a Flying Valerie session that stays rooted to the earth, I encourage you to give flying yoga a try. To me, the yoga swing offers the perfect combination of everything I love in life: yoga and playfulness, the feeling of flying, freedom in movement. Flying yoga is sometimes called ‘antigravity yoga’ and modifies traditional yoga poses using a yoga swing (you might know the same piece of equipment as a yoga trapeze or hangmat).

While challenging, flying yoga also helps to relax and soothe you and provides whole-body training. Try a yoga massage session afterwards to reward your tired muscles!

Is Flying Valerie right for you?

You’ve found the right studio if you want to …

  • Increase your energy levels.

  • Have fun during strength training.

  • Take your yoga practice to the next level.

  • Challenge yourself and learn more about yoga, flying yoga and balance.

  • Receive personal, hands-on attention.

  • Engage in an integrated practice that trains the body, breath and mind.

I’m V

I teach flying yoga, and I’m a massage therapist.

​I like to give you a challenge – make you reach your next level of capability – while trying to fix any pain you might have and caring for what your body needs.

Yoga, and especially flying yoga, has brought me balance and a way to work with all the energy that I have. As a child, I was always moving, always playing, taking my bike on adventures, climbing trees or pursuing gymnastics, ballet or even judo. But I was restless.

While travelling through Australia, I met healthy, happy and laid-back people. I thought, ‘This is how I want to feel.’ I was hooked on yoga from the first moment an Australian friend introduced me to it. I dove in deeply, taking every course available along the way. It has become my answer to a healthier, happier, mellower life. Yoga is a way for me to gather energy when I am missing some and a way to transfer energy when I have way too much. Yoga challenges me in ways that aerobics or dance never has. And the best side effect is the way yoga focuses my mind, bringing me fully into the moment, fully into my body. I’m willing to bet that it can do the same for you.

I opened my first studio in 2007 in Ghent. Today, I’m so excited to offer you a full catalogue of flying yoga, yoga and massage classes from the Flying Valerie studio, with classes in Arzier and Begnins, Switzerland.


My credentials

I have studied and taught yoga for decades and owned my own studio since 2007. I’ve had the privilege of training with the following amazing teachers, learning the disciplines listed next to each of their names.

  • Alberto Paganini – Yoga Flow

  • Sarah & Ty Powers – Insight Yoga and Yin Yoga

  • Paul Grilley – Yoga Anatomy

  • Jennifer Welwood – Training the Mind

  • David Lurey – Yoga Flow

  • Eva Kamala – Iyengar Yoga

  • Academy of Personal Training – Personal Trainer

  • AALO Fitness Academy – Aerobics

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